Consignment Terms

The following agreement is an agreement to consign product for sale online and in the brick & mortar location(s) of Backstage Hobbies & Games.

In entering into this agreement, the Consignor agrees that the following are true:
- Items presented for consignment are wholly, legally owned by the Consignor and they are able to freely dispose of them as they see fit.
- In the event a question a rises regarding ownership of consigned items, the consignor agrees to idemnify and hold blameless Backstage Hobbies & Games and cooperate with the proper identification and settlement of the question, including compliance with law enforcement as appropriate.

Consignor additionally agrees to the following:
- All items will be added to the consignment agreement by the Consignor via provided electronic means
- All items will be submitted to Backstage Hobbies & Games' physical presence for verification and approval
- Approval for items submitted is at the discretion of Backstage Hobbies & Games, who reserve the right to reject or modify the listing as appropriate to better reflect standards set by the business.
- Approved items will remain with Backstage Hobbies & Games for the duration of their consignment.
- Any request for the items to be returned must be made in writing and will be honored at the first available opportunity. Items will subsequently be removed from the computer system. Return of the item shall remove it from this agreement.
- Items removed by the consignor must be approved again if re-entry is desired.
- Items shall not be removed by the consignor with the intent to conduct business within an operating channel of Backstage Hobbies & Games, circumventing the consignment agreement without prior approval. Doing so may render this agreement void and recind consignment access.
- Upon written notification, either party may terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason. Remaining consigned items will be returned to the customer, subject to pickup at Backstage Hobbies & Games' physical presence during normal business hours. Accumulated sales credits will remain on file.

- Original craft items or unique items may be priced according to the wishes of the consignor.
- Secondary Market items will be priced according to the automated pricing system utilized by Backstage Hobbies & Games, subject to approved item conditions.

Backstage Hobbies & Games agrees to the following:
- All items presented to Backstage Hobbies & Games will be kept securely on premesis.
- All items held on Consignment will be made available for sale on its own website and in its physical storefront. Items may be made available through additional sales channels, including but not limited to eBay,, and others with written permission and may be subject to rates as imposed by these additional sales channels.
- Consigned items will be held until sale, not to be handled by customers without supervision of Backstage Hobbies & Games staff.
- Consignor will be provided with a user account and credentials to access the Backstage Hobbies & Games website and sale system for the purposes of reviewing sale transactions and payment history, for introducing new product to the consignment agreement.
- Consignor may refuse to accept requested adjustments of a listing, including but not limited to condition revisions, the calculation of an automated price, etc. In the event no agreement is reached, the item shall not be approved and retained by or returned to the customer at that time.
- Backstage Hobbies & Games will pay 70% of the sale value to the Consignor in the form of Store Credit only upon successful completion of a sale. This will occur automatically upon conclusion of the sale in the automated system as appropriate and while operational, or manually credited to the customer's account within 24 hours of the completed transaction in the event of a software malfunction.